Executive Board

Position Name Email
President Andy Weiss
Vice President Sean Carey
Secretary Logan Wangsgaard
Treasurer Robert Akie
Past President Cezar Wislocki-Wasecki


Title Name Email
Disciplinary Committee Chair Garrett Solomon
Appeals Committee Chair Moulay Ridaoui
Registrar & Insurance Officer Andrea Cardarelli
National & State Cups Director JP Musanda
Hall of Fame Director TBD
Rules Committee Chair Steve Siniscalchi
Director of Coaching Chris Camille
Tournaments Director Cezar Wislocki-Wasecki
Affiliations Julia Ducharme
Webmaster Paul Barrow
Legal Affairs Advisor Chris Poole
State Referee Administrator Del Rainho
State Director of Referee Instruction Nigel Bright
State Director of Referee Assessment Peter Kokolski
State Games Assignor Paul Athanasiadis