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Thank you for attending the Combine

We would like to thank all those players who came out to showcase their skills, all the coaches and managers for attending, and the Mill Works staff for all their help running the Combine.

We hope everyone enjoyed a fun afternoon of soccer. 

If you are player and need further help finding a team in your area, please feel free to email us. 

Mass Soccer


USASA Men's Open and O30 Cups Updates

03/15/2017, 3:30pm EDT
By National Cup Commissioners

We are pleased to let you know that USASA will be holding the 2017 Gerhard Mengel O-30 Cup and Werner Fricker Open Cup.

Massachusetts has a spot reserved in both these regional tournaments.  Since regional rounds of play start on 4/30, we will be holding a state tournaments to determine our Mass Soccer Over 30 and Open champion and qualifier for the regional tournament.

Opening round Results:

In our O30 division, Kel Kau defeated Safira 5-3 in OT!  The match was tied 3-3 at the end of regulation and Kel Kau's 2 OT goals put the game away. Kel Kau will move on to play Warehouse Gunners in the USASA Men's O30 National Qualifier Finals.

In our Open division, Kendall Wanderers defeat South FC: 3-0 and Safira outscored Boston Olympiakos 7-0. Kendall Wanderers will face off against Safira in the USASA Men's Open National Qualifier Finals next weekend.



Safira!!! USASA Region I Men's Indoor Champions!!

03/06/2017, 9:20pm EST
By Liz McQuilkin

The men's bracket was exciting and thrilling, match after match. Each game showcased highly skilled players with a true passion for soccer.  The veterans of Lexington Eagles kept each match close, while SVU, Playwright, New England FC, and Future all battled to see who would make it to the finals against undefeated Safira.  It should be noted that the men in green, Playwright, came the closest to  containing Safira, holding them to a 1-0 victory with Safira scoring in the last minutes of the game.  

It was, however, the men of SVU who fended off all other teams and earned another shot at Safira in the finals.  SVU put forth a valiant effort with good defense and pure tenacity. But Safira's ability to spread the field and complete the extra pass opened the game up after their 3rd goal.  The Safira men demonstrated artistic passing, great foot skills, team play, and most of all a passion for the game of soccer. Safira prevailed in the men's final 7-0.

Team Future gets an honorable mention for moments of brilliance on the field and true entertainment off the field.

***Individual highlight of the tourney goes to Safira's Hermann Souto for his bicycle kick shot on net!! ***

Thank you to all players and teams who participated this weekend.  We hope you enjoyed an exciting and enjoyable day of soccer.


Congrats to USASA Region I Women's Champion... Last Call!!

03/06/2017, 9:15pm EST
By Liz McQuilkin

What an exciting morning of amazing competition!!  Mass Spirit and Last Call headed into the finals after tying their last regular game 1-1.  These highly competitive, very skilled teams continued their battle in the final game by alternating goals, until the final whistle blew with a score of 4-4.  Then on to PKs! 

In penalty kicks, both teams scored 3 out of 5 goals with artfully placed shots, several landing in the upper corners. Goalies, Shannon Stranzl (Mass Spirit) and Brooke Freeburg (Last Call), both made amazing saves to keep their teams alive.  The match continued on to sudden death PKs, which led to 2 alternating cross bar shots and one post.  Last Call's Brittany Schandelmayer then struck a nicely placed lower corner ball which just streaked by the diving Mass Spirit goalie.

In the 3rd verses 4th place game, Havoc faced off against Still Kicking.  Although Still Kicking's superstar goalie had to leave early, the team still liked their chances with their "Replacement Goalie" looking to avenge an earlier 0-2 loss to Havoc earlier that day.  The game started out close with great shots by both teams.  But Havoc's passing, fantastic foot skills, and well placed shots were just too much for the veteran team of Still Kicking.  Havoc prevailed with an honorable mention to their goalie who bravely blocked several of Still Kicking power shooters!

Congratulations to all teams for well played and highly competitive games. Spectators were in awe of the skill and teamwork exhibited in all of the women's games.

USASA Region I Indoor Championship: RESULTS!!

02/10/2017, 12:45pm EST
By Liz McQuilkin

Thank you to all those who attended the Mass Soccer Combine!

02/10/2017, 11:30am EST
By Liz McQuilkin

Thank you to all those attending the Mass Soccer Combine!


USASA National Amateur Cup Champions - Southie FC!!!

12/05/2016, 10:45am EST
By Liz McQuilkin

Congratulations to Southie FC for defeating Dorchester United (4-0) in the USASA Amateur Cup State Finals yesterday.  It was a well played game by both teams.

The first half was evenly matched, with both teams trading possession.  A well placed corner kick, led to a Southie goal shortly before the half. In the second half, Dorchester came back strong and gained momentum with an artfully lifted shot that drifted just inches too high as it clanged off the crossbar.

Southie responded with continuous offensive pressure leading to breakaways. Their excellent passing in the Dorchester eighteen, led to Southie goals, putting the game just out of reach for Dorchester.

We congratulate both teams on a game well played and wish Southie FC luck in Regionals next spring. Bring Massachusetts home a National Championship!! 

US Adult Soccer Region 1