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Amateur Cup

2021 State Champions

Tournament Scores and Results


Fall River FC vs Brockton FC: 2-0 - Fall River FC are Champs!


  • Fall River (home) vs Safira FC
    • 2-0, Fall River FC advances
  • Providence City (home) vs Brockton FC: 
    • 1-3, Brockton FC advances


  • Jaguars vs Fall River FC: 0-3 - Fall River advances
  • Safira vs United Africa: 5-1: Safira advances
  • Providence City vs Broadway Gunners: 4-3 ET - Providence City advances
  • FC Omens vs Brockton FC: 3-6 (ET) Brockton advance

Opening Round:

  • BSFC vs Fall River FC: 2-3, Fall River FC advances
  • Fall River Marksmen vs Safira FC: 0-2, Safira advances
  • United Africa vs Meg City FC: 9-0,United Africa advances
  • MIT FC vs Providence City FC: 1-5, Providence City advances
  • Broadway Gunners vs Kf Skenderbeu of Worcester: 9-0 Broadway Gunners advance
  • FC Omens vs Unations FC: 4-2, Omens advance
  • Brockton FC vs Ruggles FC: 2-1 (ET) Brockton FC advances

Scheduling Reminders:

1. Teams are scheduled by a blind draw that is held by the State Registrar and verified by the Cup Commissioner. 

2. Semifinal and final games will follow the published bracket. Mass Soccer will provide a field for the state finals in National Cup Tournaments. 

3. In the opening rounds of the competition, the team scheduled as home team, must provide a field. 

a)  When scheduling your games, keep in mind that: 

• Saturday games must kickoff at 10am or later. 

• Sunday games must kickoff at noon or later. 

• For games starting at 3pm or later, the field must have lights. 

• Consent from your opponent is needed for games kicking off after 6pm. 

• Mid-week games are welcomed and encouraged if both teams agree. 

b) Home team must confirm the game details to the Commissioners no less than 7 days prior to the scheduled game date. 

c) All games must be played in Massachusetts.

US Amateur Cup General Information

The US Amateur Cup also known as the USASA Amateur Cup, is a soccer competition open to all amateur teams affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation.  For more information see:  US Amateur Cup Tournament Information

Mass Soccer runs a qualifying tournament each fall.  The state champion will advance to USASA Region 1 competition the following spring, typically early April. We support our champion with a stipend to represent Massachusetts at the regional and national level games.

US National Amateur Cup Information

Mass Soccer National & Regional Cup Qualifying Rules

National and Regional State Qualifying Tournament Rules

It is the responsibility of all competing team to please review.