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Metrowest Indoor League

2021 Women's League

Additional COVID Rule Changes and Safety Guidelines

  • Teams are placed in 4 team “bubbles” to minimize exposure.
  • Masks are required at all times: Players, Referees, and staff included.
  • Separate entry and exits. Teams must exist the playing surface before next teams enter.
  • Hand sanitizers are available.
  • Restrooms are open but restrictions on number of people that can enter at once. 
  • Shortened half time. 1-2 mins max.
  • No spectators allowed.
  • Rosters are required for contact tracing. Players will be checked in every game. 
  • Kick ins only. (No throw ins.)
  • Indirect kicks can not go directly into the goal box.

Rules of Play

2021 Rules of Play

*Rules adjusted for COVID Guidelines


Bosse Sports Center

280 Worcester Rd

Framingham MA


Highlights from 2019-2020

Session 1 Playoff Champions: Framingham Flyers