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USASA Gerhard Mengel O-30 Cup

2021-2022 USASA Mengel Cup Draw Results

1. Holliston TK FC

2. Battery Park Gunners

3. Safira

4. Sporting Club Malden

(This was a random draw conducted by our state registrar.)

Tournament Schedule:

  • Semifinals: November 8th - 14th

    • Holliston TK FC (home) vs Sporting Club Malden

    • Battery Park Gunners (home) vs Safira

  • Finals: November 21st 3:30pm Kickoff  - Back Bay Fens 

***The home team selects the venue for opening rounds. (See below rules for approved permitting days/times. Midweek games midweek games may be set up and are encouraged, as long as the opposing team approves.)

2021 Special Consideration for OTHSL Playoffs

This year, if the teams in our our State Cup semifinals or finals are also scheduled to play in the OTHSL semis/finals, we will postpone our semis and finals until after the conclusion of the OTHSL playoffs.

Possible scenarios:

  • If any of the teams competing in either the Over-30 Mengel Cup or Over-40 Cup are scheduled by the OTHSL to play on November 14th, then our semifinal round will be moved to November 21st.
  • If neither team in the OTHSL finals are schedule to play in our semis, then our semis will resume on November 21st. 
  • If any of the teams in the semis also advance to the OTHSL finals, then we will postpone our rounds to:
    • Semifinals: Sunday, November 28th
    • Finals: Sunday, December 5th

USASA Mengel 030 Cup General Information

USASA’s Over-30 Cup Competition is named for Gerhard Mengel, a former National Cup Commissioner. Annually, Mass Soccer  organizes a qualifier tournament to get a state champion which will represent Massachusetts in USASA Region 1 competition in late April- Early March, with Region I finals typically held in early June.

The USASA Region 1 champion will advance to face Regions II and III in early August at a location to be announced.

Mass Soccer supports our state champion team with either travel or hosting stipends.

Mass Soccer National & Regional Cup Qualifying Rules

It is the responsibility of all competing team to please review:

UPDATED February 2021:  New Cumulative Yellow Card Penalties.

Notes from the National Cup Commissioners

We would like to emphasize the following points if you are going to enter the National Cups competition: 

  1. ONLY fully completed online applications will be accepted by the Commissioner.
  2. It is the responsibility of the entering/participating teams to know the rules of the competition. Please click here to review the USASA Region I Cup Rules and Policies
  3. International Clearance is required when reaching the Regional level of the competition. If you have a player on your roster who was not born in the United States, please make sure that he is eligible to play. Please click here  for information on US Soccer International Clearance.
  4. Mass Soccer Player cards are mandatory at all level of the competition. (Temporary IDs may be printed off our website or displayed on a phone for the state qualifying rounds.) Please contact the State Registrar to obtain valid passcards.
  5. Teams MUST have a valid field permit in hand for every Saturday or Sunday for the duration of the competition. Not having a home field will be ground for being denied participation. When scheduling your games, keep in mind that:
    • Saturday games must kickoff at 10am or later.
    • Sunday games must kickoff at noon or later.
    • For games starting at 3pm or later, the field must have lights.
    • Consent from your opponent is needed for games kicking off after 6pm
    • Mid-week games are welcomed and encouraged if both teams agree.
  6. Home team must confirm the game details to the Commissioners no less than 1 week prior to the scheduled game date.
  7. A forfeiture referee bond shall be posted by each team to the Cup Commissioner prior or at the Cup drawings. It shall be used for referee payment should a team default and/or forfeit a game. For the Regional round, the bond value shall be adjusted to meet Region I requirements.
  8. In case of uniform conflict, it is the responsibility of the home team to change shirts. Uniforms shall consist of a uniform shirt with unique permanent numbers on the back, shorts, and socks of the same color and design. A fine will be levied by the Commissioner for each infraction if the dress code is not followed by the team.
  9. Fifteen minutes prior scheduled time of match, team manager will provide the referee 2 copies of an official Mass Soccer Game Roster. This roster must be presented to the referee and WITHOUT ALTERATION to any of the players’ names. (However, alternative shirt numbers may be written on the Game Roster if necessary). For help with your tournament roster, please email our State Registrar

Musanda J-P Lukengu

National Cups Commissioner

Team Managers - FAQs for State Rounds

1. Are rosters and Player Cards required?

Mass Soccer Amateur Cup rosters are required.  Player cards are preferred, but temporary IDs may be printed off the Mass Soccer Website, if plastic cards can not be located. Government issued IDs and use of electronic device (must be logged in to mass-soccer website) are OK

2. Is there a restriction for the # of players on your roster?

In the state rounds, you can have up to 30 players on your roster. HOWEVER: After the ref checks in the 11 starters, team manager MUST designate/select the 7 substitute players for the match. Any additional player names on the roster MUST be strikethrough.

Only the 7 substitute players & the coaching staff can remain in the team bench/technical area.

3. What is the substitution rules for the Cup tourney?

7 subs are allowed with no re-entry

4. What if the game ends in a tie after 90 mins of play?

For matches tied after 90 minutes,  teams will play two full 15-minute extra time periods (no golden goal).  If still tied, FIFA Kicks From The Mark will be used to determine the winner. 


Mengel State Past Champions & Tournament Results

2019-2020 Finalists: Safira & Battery Park Gunners HIGHLIGHTS

*2020 Final canceled due to COVID*

2018-2019 Champions: Warehouse Gunner - HIGHLIGHTS 

2018 Champions: Warehouse Gunners - HIGHLIGHTS

2017 Champions: Kel Kau - HIGHLIGHTS