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National & Regional Cups Overview

Cup Qualifying Schedule

Mass Soccer and USASA organizes the following annual competitions:

(1) Men’s Amateur Cup   - 2021-22 Champion: Fall River FC

(2) Over-30 Mengel Cup:  2021-22 Champion: Battery Park Gunners

(3) O40 Cup:  2021-22 Champion: Safira FC

(4) Fricker Open Cup  -  2022 Champion: Providence City FC

(5) Women's Open/Amateur Cup: Next Qualifier: May 2022

Click on the link for more information or to register your team.

2022 USASA Regionals: Massachusetts State Champions

Our state champions will advance to USASA Region I competition in April, with the regional championship and women's tournament in June. Join us in supporting our Massachusetts teams as they move on to regional and national competition.

Projected 2022 USASA Region 1 Schedule

Men's Amateur Cup

Fall River FC

Werner Fricker Open Cup

Providence City Rogues

Mengel O30 Cup

Battery Park Gunners

O40 Cup

Safira O40

Women's Amateur Cup

Mass Soccer National & Regional Cup Qualifying Rules

National and Regional State Qualifying Tournament Rules

It is the responsibility of all competing team to please review.

National and Regional Cups: Rules and Regulations