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Hot Shot Contest!

04/29/2020, 12:00pm EDT
By Mass Soccer Giveaways

Mass Soccer Hot Shot Challenge

Channel your inner striker! This is a target shooting challenge. Post or share video of your shot in action! 

WINNER: Instagram Entry - Jorge Monson from Boston Siege!

Disclaimer: Mass Soccer is not responsible for any broken windows, dented neighbor's cars, traumatized pets…  so be accurate!

Post your Hot Shot Here

Although this giveaway is over, please feel free to post your "hot shot" to share with our soccer community! We will periodically give out gear/prizes to posts that help us promote soccer and generate lots of interest!!

So...  Please keep those cameras rolling!!

 *Entries may also be emailed to 

Starting off... Rafael Santos from Albania United calls Top Corner!

Not so Successful!

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