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Returning to Play

06/08/2020, 12:15am EDT
By Mass Soccer

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Guidelines for Organizations Preparing to Resume Play

The following should be applied regardless of the Return to Play phase:

1. If you are sick or feel sick, STAY HOME

2. Users waiting to utilize a section or area of the field should wait outside the field of play until previous users have vacated the area to ensure proper social distancing and prevent accidental contact of other users’ equipment.

3. Upon arrival at the field, if capability exists, take the temperature of participants, including coaches.  Anyone with a temperature of 100 or more should be sent home and not allowed to participate for a minimum of 14 days.

4. Players’ equipment should be kept in designated areas with at least 6 feet separation.  Players should not congregate and should return to their designated area during breaks.

5. Players should sanitize hands before and after play, avoid sharing equipment, and clean and wipe down equipment. All balls should be disinfected after every practice.

6. Scrimmage vests must be washed after each use. 

7. Players may not share water bottles.  No centralized hydration or refreshment stations are permitted.

8. Hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes should be available during the entire session. 

9. Spectators should be limited and must maintain minimum social distancing, as defined by the CDC.

10. All participants should adhere to a strict “carry in, carry out” policy and take waste with them.

11. Respect for each individual’s choices must be the top priority.  If a participant wishes to wear a face mask this should be allowed, with accommodations made if needed.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Spectators are not allowed at adult games.

  2. Please allow adequate time between games to allow the departing teams to gather equipment and personal belongings before the next team arrives in the bench area. Games should end in a draw if time expires.

  3. Locker rooms may be open but limited to 50% of the normal capacity.  Use of indoor shower facilities is prohibited.

  4. Bench personnel and reserve players shall maintain adequate social distancing and wear facial coverings while not in the game.
  5. Use of the Mass Soccer online roster system is required.  Managers must keep paper copies of each game roster on file to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

  6. Teams may participate in a maximum of 1 game per day, with at least one off day between games.


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