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2021 Champions Cup: Congratulations Brockton Amateur Soccer!

08/08/2021, 8:00pm EDT
By Media Relations

August 7th, 2021: Brockton Amateur Soccer defeated Brockton FC United by the score of 4-2 in our Champions Cup Final. Game highlights and photos coming soon!

From the opening round kickoff, Champions Cup 2021 was action packed and closely contested by all teams. In quarterfinals, three of our four games went to extra time with equalizing goals in the closing minutes of all 3 games. 

Our semifinal games continued high intensity, closely matched battles just like we saw in the opening round of this tournament.  Brockton held off last minute pressure from Broadway Gunners to punch their return ticket to the Champions Cup Final with a 2-1 win.

Brockton Amateur Soccer took Safira through 120 hard fought minutes of soccer and 9 rounds of PKs (7-6) before they earned their first trip to the finals.

From start to finish, this was one of the most exciting and contested tournaments, Mass Soccer has hosted.  Tip of our hat to all players and teams that stepped on the pitch! 

2022 Champions Cup Entries

  • Fall River FC: FA1 League Champion
  • Providence City FC: FA1 Cup Champion

2021 Champions - Brockton Amateur Soccer

Cup Results

Finals:  Brockton FC United vs Brockton Amateur Soccer: 2-4


  •  Brockton FC United vs Broadway Gunners: 2-1
  • Brockton Amateur Soccer vs Safira FC: 2-1 (7:6 PKS)

Quarterfinals: July 24th- Results

  • Brockton FC United vs Tudside FC: 3-2 (ET)
  • Boston Siege vs Brockton Amateur Soccer: 3-4
  • Broadway Gunners vs Providence City B: 2-1
  • Providence City FC vs Safira FC: 0-2

2021 Draw Results

1. Brockton FC United

2. Providence City FC 

3. Boston Siege

4. Broadway Gunners

5. Providence City FC B

6. Brockton Amateur Soccer

7. Safira FC

8. Tudside FC

(The tournament draw is a random draw, conducted by our state registrar.)

Champions Cup Tournament - General Info

Started in the summer of 2015, Mass Soccer Champions Cup calls upon all its affiliated leagues to send us their strongest teams to square off each summer for the title of Champions Cup State Champion.

(This is an invitational tournament.  Teams granted a berth in the tourney must have earned either a league or cup title in their respective affiliated league.)

Once the invitation is extended to a team, that team must accept or decline participation to the National Cup Commissioners by a set date.

Each June/early July the tournament draw will be announced via email and posted here.  The tournament will run on weekends late July into early August at a location announced by Mass Soccer at the time that invitations are extended.

Tournament Rules Reminder:  It is the responsibility of the team and their managers to review the Rules of the Tournament before confirming participation.  

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