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2021 Amateur Cup State Champs: Fall River FC

11/27/2021, 10:15am EST
By National Cups, Photo by Burt Granofsky

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2021 State Champions

Tournament Scores and Results


Fall River FC vs Brockton FC: 2-0 - Fall River FC are Champs!


  • Fall River (home) vs Safira FC
    • 2-0, Fall River FC advances
  • Providence City (home) vs Brockton FC: 
    • 1-3, Brockton FC advances


  • Jaguars vs Fall River FC: 0-3 - Fall River advances
  • Safira vs United Africa: 5-1: Safira advances
  • Providence City vs Broadway Gunners: 4-3 ET - Providence City advances
  • FC Omens vs Brockton FC: 3-6 (ET) Brockton advance

Opening Round:

  • BSFC vs Fall River FC: 2-3, Fall River FC advances
  • Fall River Marksmen vs Safira FC: 0-2, Safira advances
  • United Africa vs Meg City FC: 9-0,United Africa advances
  • MIT FC vs Providence City FC: 1-5, Providence City advances
  • Broadway Gunners vs Kf Skenderbeu of Worcester: 9-0 Broadway Gunners advance
  • FC Omens vs Unations FC: 4-2, Omens advance
  • Brockton FC vs Ruggles FC: 2-1 (ET) Brockton FC advances

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