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HITSS: Calling O40 soccer players for important BU study

05/08/2022, 10:45am EDT
By Media Relations

Enrolling Now!

The Head Impact & Trauma Surveillance Study (HITSS) is a new research project to answer important questions about later-life brain health risks associated with repetitive head impacts from routine plays in soccer and tackle football. Results from HITSS could lead to more informed decision-making about the safety of these sports across all levels of play.

Anyone age 40 or older who played soccer or tackle football at any level (youth, high school, college or pro/elite) can enroll.

HITSS is a fully online, annual survey, which includes: questions about sports participation and medical history; computerized brain games; and behavior and mood questionnaires. The entire experience only takes approximately two hours, and can be completed at any time, and over several days if desired.

Please Note: Although many questionnaires can be completed on a mobile device, the computerized brain games can only be completed on a laptop or desktop computer.

And please help by spreading the word to everyone you know - friends, family, colleagues and former teammates. The faster we enroll enough participants, the faster we can answer those important questions!

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