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OTHSL Men travel to Porto to share soccer goodwill

05/10/2023, 1:00pm EDT
By Alan McCoy & NE Travelers

Lisbon Legends and USA OTHSL team 

Photo by Hal Green.

Once again, as Over The Hill Soccer League  players, (this year under the banner of New England Travelers Soccer Club), we journeyed abroad in late March to play!  Last year’s trip to Crete exceeded all expectations and so this spring the group decided to travel again, this time to Portugal where we played two clubs:  Lisboa Casuals and Oporto Soccer Club. We enjoyed two matches with the Casuals and one with Oporto and, as we have chosen to characterize it, we finished second in all three contests!  Our opponents were gracious and welcoming (including a fantastic team luncheon at the Oporto clubhouse) which more than took the sting out of our ‘runner up’ finishes.