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Other Affiliates

Mass Soccer: Partnerships

We continue to partner with other soccer organizations, clubs, and groups to offer our members even more playing opportunities.  Contact us to learn more.

Additional Affiliation Categories

  • Club: An organization that is headquartered in Massachusetts but does not qualify as a League, may be affiliated as a Club. Two examples of this would adult club team/s or a pickup league.
  • Individual: Any individual who is not otherwise registered and has not been disqualified from participating as a result of a disciplinary decision by Mass Soccer or another Member Organization, may become affiliated with Mass Soccer. 
  • Other Affiliate: An organization that registers its own players and participates in soccer activities within or outside of Massachusetts and does not otherwise qualify for membership.
  • Life Member: At its discretion, the Board of Directors may bestow Life Membership upon an individual who has made significant contributions and demonstrated an enduring commitment to Mass Soccer.

For more detailed information on the categories of affiliation that Mass Soccer offer, please refer to our Constitution Article 2.7 Affiliation.

Looking to affiliate?

 Looking to affiliate your organization, club, or group?  If you want request affiliation or if you have any affiliation questions, please email