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Player Misconduct

Mass Soccer Disciplinary: Player Misconduct Policy

In instances where an Affiliate (Member League) desires to have the Committee review an alleged occurrence of player misconduct, the procedure should be as follows: 
Player should be immediately suspended by Affiliate, pending a hearing by the Disciplinary Committee.
Appropriate officer of the Affiliate should make a formal request, in writing, to the Committee to hear the case.  Email shall be an acceptable alternative to a written request.  The request should include: 
•    Description of the events that are alleged to have occurred 
•    Copy of the referee report from the match in question
•    Copy of police report, if filed 
•    Witness statements (players involved, spectators, other witnesses), if any
•    Disciplinary History of player(s) in question with Affiliate, if any
If determined by MASS to meet the established standard, within 30 days of the request from the Affiliate, the Committee will hold a hearing.  If the request fails to meet the standard, the request will be denied, allowing the Affiliate to take action through its own disciplinary process.
Post hearing (typically within one week), the Committee will notify all concerned parties of its decision.  Additionally, MASS should determine what obligations it might have, if any, to report the outcome of any MASS hearings resulting in suspensions to other member state associations within USASA and/or USSF.
Any player who receives a sanction shall have the opportunity to appeal the decision of the Committee to USSF.