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Mass Soccer Mission

Mass Soccer is a proud member of the United States Adult Soccer Association and provides quality and meaningful opportunities for adult players to participate in and enjoy the game of soccer.

Contact Mass Soccer

PO Box 33
Reading, MA 01867  USA
(617) 564-3133


Andy Weiss


Moulay Ridaoui


Garrett Solomon

Vice President

Cezar Wislocki-Wasecki

Past President

Nadia Sussman


Liz McQuilkin

Mass Soccer Operations

Phone: 617-564-3133


Garrett Solomon

Disciplinary Committee Chair

JP Musanda

Cup Commissioner

Andre Ferreira

Director of Coaching

Jeremy Mordkoff


Kate Painter

Director of Sponsorship

Nilda Morris

Appeals Committee Chair

John Garofalo

Tournaments Director

Jessica Berry

Legal Affairs Advisor

Paul Athanasiadis

State Games Assignor

Debbie Forte

Registrar & Insurance Officer

Phone: 617-433-8288

Jessica Berry

Rules Committee Chair

Lisa Zagura

Media Relations

Rich Frongillo

State Referee Administrator

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