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Budget & Financial

Mass Soccer Financial Reports

Financial Reports: FAQS

1. What is the per member registration cost- how do we calculate registration income?

Per player cost for registration is $30 for a two-year registration period.  It covers the current year in which the fee is paid, and the following year. The exception is for players who register within the last two months of the calendar year: then it covers the remainder of that year and the two following years.

2. Why do we include items with a zero dollar projection?

Some items are "placeholders" if they might become actively used in the future.  An example is sponsorhip, and even though we do not currently have any sponsorship income, we allow a place to record it should we obtain sponsors in the future. 

3. Do we typically spend all of the ‘AED Subsidy’?

We typically do not spend all of the AED subsidy, but we want to make sure this is well-funded in case we do.  We would not want to turn down any team that wants to take advantage of the program. 

4. Who are ‘game tickets’ available to?

Mass Soccer may purchase a number of single-game tickets for resale to our members at reduced prices.  They are usually announced on our web site and via email when available.  Additionally we support all of the professional teams in our state by purchasing four season tickets.  These tickets are given to leagues and Board members upon request, and as prizes for various events. 

5. What types of ‘Promotional Materials’ do we have?

Promotional materials may include anything with our name and logo and are used to help promote the brand of Mass Soccer.  Banners and signs placed at various competitions, as well as logo apparel for volunteers working an event, are examples of promotional items we may purchase.

6. What is 'Card Printing and Mailing'?

This expense covers the cost of producing and delivering the Mass Soccer ID cards (a.k.a. player passcards). 

7. What are ‘Registration Expenses’?

Players register with Mass Soccer, but by doing so they also register with the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and USSF.  The registration expense is the amount of money that we actually send along to USASA to complete this process.