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Quarterfinals: Safira vs Mystic River

Safira vs Mystic River


Mystic River

Game Highlights

Safira hosted Mystic River in our 4th and final quarter final game of the USASA Fricker Open Cup State Tournament. 

Although Safira possessed the ball well in the first half, Mystic River was patient, held their shape, and stepped well to the ball holding Safira scoreless through most of the first half of play. Mystic River's keeper, Dom Quade, contributed to the defensive effort making stellar saves as shown here:  Save 1 and Save 2

But, it was Safira's Matt Vidal who was finally able to net one at the 35 min mark. Click here to see: Vidal's Goal

Mystic River had several opportunities to equalize early in the 2nd half, but were just unable to get one by the Safira keeper, Patrick Vilela. Click here to see: Safira Vilela Save

Safira's Nilton Teixeira was able to break thorough the Mystic River defensive line and add the 2nd and final goal of the game in the 89th minute.

Safira advances to semifinal round and will play GPS Omens next weekend.

Game Photos