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2019 Fricker Cup Regionals

USASA Region 1 Semifinals

May 6, 2019"  Yonkers, NY.  Brockton FC ended their quest for the USASA Fricker Cup this Sunday when they traveled to play Lansdowne Bhoys Yonkers. Final score: 0-3. 

First goal was scored in the 10th minute on a Lansdowne free kick:  Lansdowne First Goal.

Score remained 0-1 at halftime and into the second half.  With 17 remaining, Lansdowne's Cian Collins tapped in a second goal assisted from perfectly placed free kick just outside the 18. Here is Collin's Goal.

Lansdowne added their third and final goal shortly there after. This possession started off with another free kick that worked its way all the way around the pitch, built from the back, then cleared up the field by Lansdowne goalie, crossed and finished: Lansdowne's Final Goal.

Congratulations to Brockton FC for a good run in the 2019 Fricker Cup Regional Tournament. Thank you for representing Mass Soccer!

Best of luck to the Lansdowne Bhoys in the Fricker Cup Regional Finals.

USASA Quarterfinals: Brockton defeats CT Croatia

April 14, 2019: Marciano Stadium - Brockton FC defeated a tough CT Croatia team, 2-0. Brockton scored early in the 14th minute when #2 Rilton Carvalho assisted with a through ball to #11 Edmilson Barros who finished brilliantly.

The game remained tight but the Brockton defense held strong and limitted many Croatia scoring opportunities. Croatia had a few corner kick opportunities in the stretch but they were again well defendeded.

With only seconds remaining, Brockton was able to add a second goal as seen here:

Brockton's Final Goal