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Soccer Organizations

New England Sports for Women

Focus Statements:

  • COMMUNITY:  Where everyone has a place to play.
  • TRAINING:  Where our coaches are professionals.
  • FACILITIES:  Where women get the best field.
  • STRENGTH:  Where "like a girl" is a compliment.
  • AMBITION:  Where women have primetime.


New England Sports for Women ( is a new non-profit organization whose mission is to create and promote athletic opportunities for women.  We use sports to make the world a better place:  for women, for New England, for everyone.  We are building a national network of sports campuses across the country, starting with our first campus right here in the heart of New England.  Our community will span the entire spectrum of competition: from toddlers to seniors, and from professional superstars to athletes who've never played the game.  Our programs will include classes, training, leagues, tournaments, community events, performance and gallery spaces -- the works -- all with a focus on community engagement and prioritizing female athletes. You are an athlete.  We are your team.  Together we'll change the world.