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Tourament Information

Champions' Cup Tournament - General Info

Started in the summer of 2015, Mass Soccer Champions' Cup calls upon all its affiliated leagues to send us their strongest teams to square off each summer for the title of Champions' Cup State Champion.

(This is an invitational tournament.  Teams granted a birth in the tourney must have earned either a league or cup title in their respective affiliated league.)

Once the invitation is extended to a team, that team must accept or decline participation to the National Cup Commissioners by a set date.

Each June/early July the tournament draw will be announced via email and posted to our website here: Champions' Cup Schedule.  The tournament will run on weekends late July into early August at a location announced by Mass Soccer at the time that invitations are extended.

Tournament Rules Reminder:  It is the responsibility of the team and their managers to review the Rules of the Tournament before confirming participation.