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Boston Olympiakos vs Nos Bandera

Photography by Joe Siciliano

Quarterfinals: Boston Olympiakos vs Nos Bandera

August 8, 2020: MSSL Cup and League Champion, Boston Olympiakos drew USAfrica League Champion, Nos Bandera in the quarterfinal round of the 2020 Mass Soccer Champions Cup. 

Nos Banderas scored early on a nice strike from #10 Felipe then 10 minutes later #7 Antonio added a second Nos Bandera goal. The 3rd goal was netted by #19 Maldini.

Goal 1 -Nice Strike

Goal 2 - Antonio Opposite corner

Goal 3 - Great Long Ball

The fourth Nos Bandera goal was added right before the half.

Olympiakos had a few opportunities in the second half but did not have an answer for the speed and quickness of Nos Bandera. Felipe added a 5th goal around the 60th minute and Nos Bandera capped off the offensive show with one more goal which ended the game with the score 6-0.

Nos Bandera advances to the semis to meet BSSL D1 powerhouse Brockton FC United.