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Mosteiros vs Providence City Rogues

Mosteiros vs Providence City Rogues

Our first game of the semfinals featured USAfrica's Mosteiros vs FA1's Providence City Rogues.

Mosteiros started the game fast with consistent pressure on the Rogue defense. They went up early with a goal from Walter Varela and then second goal is scored by #10, Nilton Teixeira. It looked like they would possibly run away with the game. But after the Rogues made a key substitution and brought in a little more speed on the outside of the midfield...  

Rogues strike back... GOAL...#20 Wilder Arboleda! 

Mosteiros was up 2-1 and remained unchanged until Mosteiros scored with 2 mins left in stoppage giving them the 3-1 victory. Mosteiros secured a spot for the second year in a row in the Champions Cup Finals.

Goal Line Save - Rogues!

GOAL Mosteiros!