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USASA Soccer Fest

2023 USASA Soccer Fest - Greensboro, NC

O40-O75 women's and men's divisions

Are you a Mass Soccer team?

***Mass Soccer offers a $550 post- tournament subsidy for any MASS team.***

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USASA Soccer Fest Information

A player’s passion for soccer only increases with age.  Adult Soccer Fest, presented by the U.S. Adult Soccer Association (USASA), offers opportunities for players of all ages and abilities to get back on the pitch. A week built around soccer, food and beer, Adult Soccer Fest is the largest sanctioned adult soccer event in the United States.

Born in 1998, this event was created with the intention of providing high-level soccer to men and women. Rivalries on the field have led to friendships off and have helped turn this event into a week of competition and celebration for over 3,000 players, family members and supporters. 

USASA Soccer Fest Website

Past Champions

USASA tracks all national champions to all age divisions from Veteran's Cup and later renamed Soccer Fest.  To view all champions since the 1998 inaugural tournament, please visit:

Past Champions (