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ACL Injury Prevention Training

OVERVIEW: ACL Injury Prevention Training Program

Training based on, researched, and evaluated by Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy from September 2018.

Phase 1:  Dynamic Team Warmup

Phase 2:  Foundational Movements (Strengthening exercises)

Phase 3: Plyometrics: Alignment, Cutting, Reaction

Training session should move through all three phases in order, with increasing levels of difficulty on Phases 2 & 3 as players get stronger in the program.

Phases 1 & 3 should be completed before every game. 

(Phase 2 is strengthening and can be done independently at home or whenever time allows.)

ACL Injury Prevention Training FAQs

Q:  Does a program like this really keep  me from tearing my ACL?

A:  Although there’s no 100% guarantee, completing the program 3x/week can reduce the risk of injury up to 70%


Q:  Do I need a lot of equipment?

A:  No, just cones and a soccer ball


Q:  is this just for soccer players?

A:  No, this program is for any athlete, and sections using a soccer ball can be modified for basketball or volleyball.


Q:  What if I have a history of ACL tear or ankle sprain?

A:   Once you’ve been cleared for full activity by your doctor, this is a great program to re enter your sport.