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ACL Injury Prevention: Training Module

As we return to the pitch, the Mass Soccer Training Team is hard at work seeking programs to improve our soccer game and keep us healthy and strong.

We know that women soccer players are greatly impacted by knee injuries, so we have partnered with EMWSL, Mass Spirit Women's Soccer Club, Connections PT, and Physical Therapist Buffy Peznola to bring you a program that has been proven to significantly reduce the incidences of ACL injuries. This training, published in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (September 2018), focuses on building single leg strength, coordination and footwork, and balance. These exercises will make you stronger and improve your overall game.


►Click here for ACL Injury Prevention Training Module

Small Group Training Ideas

As we prepare to get back out on the pitch, our Mass Soccer Coaching Team is publishing videos to help teams (in small groups) and players back into game shape while respecting necessary social distancing. This video contains training ideas to help with conditioning, strengthening, getting your touch, and shaking off the rust. In the words of US Soccer...  "Play On"!

Back Yard Circuit #KeepWorking


Circuit Training with Ball Skills

25-30 minutes


►Circuit 1:  (No Ball) Repeat 5Xs, 1 minute rest in between sets

  •  weave through cones
  • side weave through cones (both directions)
  • High knees (both directions)
  • Single leg hops
  • Little touch between cones (both directions)

►Circuit 2: Add Ball Repeat 5Xs, 1 minute rest in between sets

  • Dribble through cones
  • Push forward & drag back between cones, switch feet halfway
  • Walk the dog
  • Weave around outside of cones
  • Scissors 3X
  • Juggle toss - single touch 10Xs


Conditioning and Ball Work #Gameshape


4 Cones Drill 

25-30 Minutes


► Part 1: Around cones - sprint and slide: 4 sets X 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest in between sets - Let's do it!

► Part 2: Across, fast feet around cones, sprint diagonals: 4 sets X 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest in between sets.

►Part 3: Diagonal sprints, 3 lateral hops, sprint across to next cone, fast feet, repeat to diagonal sprint. 4 sets X30 seconds, 15 second rest in between sets.  Keep going!

►Part 4: Add some ball work. Easy around the cones.  Reverse and change direction every time and a quarter around. 4 sets X 30-45 seconds, 15 seconds rest in between sets.

►Part 5: Free style footwork: Add diagonals. 4 sets X 30-45 seconds, 15 seconds rest in between sets.

Yoga: Strengthening While off the Pitch

Thank you to EMWSL's Angela Cornacchio for this session tailored to the soccer player. Angela teaches with BelGioco Wellness which focusses on recovery training for athletes. They offer private one-hour sessions of yoga, meditation and essential oil message.

In this time of “Stay at Home” we are tailoring videos to specific needs. Injury, problem areas or if your looking to advance your practice. You can contact for more. 

#Keep your Touch!

Thank you to Jr Panta's for sharing and demonstrating these challenges!!

Foot Skills Challenge

10 - Falcão moves(5 each leg)

3 - Side ways left, right ball drag stop & go

2 - Ball around one leg 360 moves

Mariel's 3 cone drill

Just foot sole

Mariel's 3 cone drill

Foot Sole and Inside

Ryan Russel's Challenges

Challenge #2

10 scissors, 10 stop and go’s, 20 push pulls (10 left, 10 right).

Gold - 45 seconds
Platinum - 35 seconds
Pro - 25 seconds

Challenge #3

10 step overs, 4 knee taps,10 sole roles, & 10 roll behind the legs

 Gold level - 45 seconds
Platinum- 35 seconds
Pro - 22 seconds