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O40 State Cup

O40 Cup Schedule:

Quarterfinals: March 9th/10th 

  • Kel Kau Master (2) vs Peabody FC (1)
  • Natick Rovers (0) vs Balkan Powder Keg (3)
  • Safira FC (2) vs FFM United (0)
  • Albania United (3) vs Cabo Verde FC (0)

Semifinals: March 16/17th

  • Kel Kau Masters (5) vs Balkan Powder Keg (1)
  • Safira (7) vs Albania United (1)

State Final: Kel Kau Masters vs Safira FC

Saturday, March 23rd 3:30pm West Roxbury Academy Stadium

Mass Soccer State Cup Rules

Massachusetts State Cup Rules

It is the responsibility of all competing team to please review.


Q: Are Mass Soccer Rosters Required for the Cup?

A:  Yes.  Team managers will have a roster in the Mass Soccer account that they will need to build before the Cup freeze date.  They can import a copy of their roster from another team or competition or build their roster from scratch. For help with your roster, please contact our registrar at

Teams must print and bring 2 copies of their Cup Roster for each game they play. These rosters must be given to the referee before the game.

Q: Do I need to have a plastic Mass Soccer Player Card to play?

A:  No.  The referee will check you in off the game roster. You may show your ID on your phone or you can print a temporary Mass Soccer ID off the website.  A Mass Drivers License or any government issued photo ID may also be used to verify your identity.

Q:  Who will be our referee/s?

A:  Mass Soccer uses our state assigner to select top referees for every Cup game. Opening rounds will be assigned referees.  All referees are provided by and paid for by Mass Soccer for the entirety of the Cup.

O40 Cup General Information

Format:  11v11 Single Elimination Competition


Each round will take place over the course of a week/weekend.

Teams will be placed in a bracket according to a blind draw conducted by our state registrar.

In the opening rounds (play in rounds, quarterfinals, semifinals) of the competition, the home team (according to the draw) is responsible for securing the fixture and communicate this information to our Cup Commissioner. The home team may defer home field to the visiting team, if they so chose. Here are the rules for scheduling opening round games:

  • Saturday games just kickoff at 10am or later. 
  • Sunday games must kickoff at noon or later
  • For games starting at 3pm or later, the field must have lights. 
  • Consent from your opponent is needed for games kicking off after 6pm. 
  • Mid-week games are welcomed and encouraged if both teams agree.

O40 Historical Champions

2023 State Champions:  Kel Kau Masters